Our Vision

 At PS/MS 71 We Believe that

Every Child, in Every Classroom, Every Day

is entitled to:

• An exemplary public education that is academically challenging,

equitable, and inclusive of all learners

• A safe, nurturing and collaborative learning environment that

promotes independent thinking, problem-solving, and

decision- making

• A school environment that promotes positive self-esteem and

cultivates strong partnerships among students, teachers,

families and the community

• A professional learning community where teachers and

students are engaged, empowered, and inspired to become lifelong


Instructional Focus

All students will write across content areas to demonstrate their ability to think critically and make their thinking visible. Students will use writing to effectively express and communicate their opinions, life experiences, and information.

We believe students learn best through:

1. Modeling

2. Accountable Talk

3. Collaboration

4. Scaffolding

5. Workshop Model


Our Core Values: Respect, Perseverance, Excellence

Our School norms:

We respect ourselves.

We respect each other.

We respect our community.